Impact Resistant Windows in Boca Raton, Broward County, Coral Springs, and all the Surrounding Areas

Unfortunately, some of us have to live in areas which are prone to heavy storms. You have to make sure that your property is safe from all the damage. In order to protect your home, the first step that you need to take is invest in impact resistant windows and doors. We, at Phoenix Doors and Windows, can be the right solution for you. We have over 25 years of experience in offering impact doors and windows including hurricane shutters. We are a reliable company which is known for its installation services too. Our windows and doors are made with strong materials that last for long and offer a good resistance against such poor weather. With our quality products, affordable prices, and dedicated services, we have become one of the preferred companies for impact windows and doors. So, if you are from areas like Hollywood FL, Broward County, Hollywood FL, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, or Lighthouse Point, then you can pick us for your home.  

Impact Resistant Windows in Boca Raton, Broward County, Coral Springs

Here, we have put together a few smart questions to ask a company offering you impact doors and windows. Take a look. 

  1. How much experience do you have? 

It is crucial to choose a company which has been in this field for a long time. This shows that you can rely on their products for maximum protection. The more number of years they spend, the more reliable they are. 

  1. Do you offer free quotes for the windows and doors? 

If you can get an idea how much it is going to cost for these impact doors and windows, then you can understand if it is feasible for your pockets or not. That is why you should ask for free quotes if possible. 

And if you think we have the impact resistant windows and doors you need, then contact us today.