Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and all the Surrounding Areas

Do you live in a hurricane prone area? Then, you should take some preventions for your house as well. You should understand that these can be harmful to the structural integrity of the house along with damage certain other parts of the house such as your windows. We, at Phoenix Remodeling, specialize in impact doors, windows, along with hurricane shutters. Our hurricane windows are from reputed brands like the Assura Windows, and therefore, you will always get an amazing quality for these windows. With more than 25 years of experience and affordable rates, we are the right choice for you. So, if you live in areas likeBoca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Pompano Beach, you can rely on us. 

Hurricane Windows, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale

Here, we have put together a few benefits that you can get by installing the hurricane shutters or windows in your homes. 

  • Complete Protection 

During a hurricane, you are likely to experience debris, flying substances, dirt, and dust which is certainly quite harmful and the force with which they approach, it can shatter normal glass windows. The hurricane windows are made of several layers of glass and other synthetic materials which makes the shattering and the penetration difficult. 

  • Reduced Energy Bills 

Next, your energy costs are going to go down because these windows are highly energy-efficient. These reduce the solar heat gain during summers and again retain the heat in winters, resulting in saving your electric bill. 

  • UV Light Protection 

Another great advantage of these windows is that these provide UV protection. All such impact windows are protected from the ultra-violet radiation which can damage the artwork, photographs, paint, and other furnishings in your house, thereby preventing discoloration or fading from your interiors. 

So, if you are thinking of buying our windows, contact us at the earliest.